Mon 11.21.11 | Césaire on Colonialism

Robin Kelley, "A Poetics of Anticolonialism," Monthly Review

Robin Kelley, Africa Speaks, America Answers: Modern Jazz in Revolutionary Times Harvard U. Press, forthcoming

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Colonialism in both its traditional and contemporary versions is not just about power and coercion: it's about how the "other" is thought and talked about. Aimé Césaire took a radical anticolonial stance inflected with surrealist and Marxist notions. Robin D. G. Kelley discusses Césaire's ideas and their relevance today.

Mon 11.14.11 | Arundhati Roy on Naxals, OWS

Arundhati Roy, Walking with the Comrades Penguin, 2011





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There is a war going on in the tribal heartland of central and eastern India between the Naxalite Maoists and the Indian state, in which -- Arundhati Roy believes -- much is at stake. The award-winning writer  discusses her time accompanying a group of Maoists in the forests, and the brutal counterinsurgency effort mounted against them by the Indian government. She also talks about the Occupy Wall Street movement and anticapitalism.

Wed 11.09.11 | "Free Trade" & Corporate Power

Martin Hart-Landsberg, "Capitalism, The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, and Resistance" Critical Asian Studies




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Martin Hart-Landsberg points out that free trade agreements, such as the one the US is poised to conclude with South Korea, are about much more than trade -- they expand the power of big corporations, strip governments of their ability to regulate them, and fuel capitalism's destructive tendencies. According to Hart-Landsberg, the Korea-US trade deal would also fuel the already-disastrous financialization of the US economy.

Tues 11.08.11 | Wall Street, Populism, and the Left

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Moving your money out of the big banks that have helped create the deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression may seem like an excellent idea. But leftwing journalist Doug Henwood believes such actions -- along with community currencies and attempts to abolish corporate personhood -- are misguided. Henwod discusses the long, and problematic, history of American populism, and what a radical approach to finance might look like.

Mon 11.07.11 | Anarchism in Thought, and in the Streets

Cindy Milstein, Anarchism and Its Aspirations AK Press, 2010

Cindy Milstein's blog Outside the Circle

Martha Ackelsberg, Free Women of Spain: Anarchism and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women AK Press, 2005

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Anarchist principles inform much of what is happening at Occupy Wall Street and beyond. So what does anarchism, a rich tradition of political thought, mean? Martha Ackelsberg, Cindy Milstein, Tomas Moniz and Roger White discuss anarchist ideas and dynamics. Milstein also describes "anarchism in action" at Occupy Philly.
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Wed 11.02.11 | Occupying Oakland

Occupy Oakland










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A week ago, activists from Occupy Oakland called for a general strike and mass day of action to shut down the city. In this live broadcast from downtown Oakland, Chris Carlsson considers the history of radical action in the Bay Area, former Black Panther Erica Huggins speaks about the significance of the day, postal workers lay out the cuts they face, Jim Davis talks about the Eurozone crisis, while Laura Fantone discusses Italian social movements and international solidarity with Occupy Wall St., and union members discuss the changed terrain for organizing. 
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