Tues 6.26.12 | Rosa Luxemburg's Legacy

Annelies Laschitza, Georg Adler, and Peter Hudis, eds., The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg Verso, 2011

Peter Hudis

Proponent of the mass strike and socialist democracy, advocate of anticapitalism and anti-imperialism -- Rosa Luxemburg is a thinker for our tumultuous times. Peter Hudis talks about the pioneering Marxist theoretician and leader, and explains why her radical politics and vision endure nearly a century after her assassination. (Encore presentation; audio available here.)
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Mon 6.25.12 | Early Walter Benjamin

Howard Eiland, ed., Walter Benjamin's Early Writings (1910-1917) Harvard U. Press, 2011

Howard Eiland


Human consciousness, creativity, development, and organization: So many facets of the human condition interested Walter Benjamin (1892-1940), whose insights into the big questions of modern existence continue to resonate. A new volume of Benjamin's early writings, in which the German philosopher-critic holds forth on topics like education, creativity, history, and the search for truth, is edited by Howard Eiland. (Encore presentation; audio available here.)
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Wed 6.20.12 | Beyond the Commodity

Under capitalism, objects are created, bought, and sold as myriad commodities. But if we were to think about life after capitalism, what might our relationship to things be? Art historian Christina Kiaer discusses the innovations of Russian Constructivist artists in the early years of the Soviet Union and their attempts to reconfigure art, everyday objects, and human desire in a new society. (Encore presentation; audio available here.)
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Tues 6.19.12 | Climate Chaos

The most worrying effects of climate change are expected to hit the countries of the Global South, especially those in the broad regions on either side of the equator. Christian Parenti has reported from that vast area and discusses the shape that climate-related social dislocation is already taking, as well as the militarized plans of the rich countries to keep poor climate refugees out. (Encore presentation; audio available here.)
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Mon 6.18.12 | Lincoln, Marx, and the Civil War

Robin Blackburn, An Unfinished Revolution: Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln Verso, 2011





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Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln: They may seem an unlikely pair, but they knew of each other, and Marx was intensely interested in the Civil War and the fate of slavery. Marx also influenced the culture and trajectory of US worker radicalism, which fueled the bitter and bloody labor conflicts of late nineteenth-century America. Robin Blackburn writes about all this in a recent book. (Encore presentation; both hosts away for two weeks.)
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Wed 6.13.12 | Capital as Power; Life Gone Viral

Jonathan Nitzan & Shimshon Bichler, Capital as Power: A Study of Order and Creorder Routledge, 2009 (free pdf)

Bichler & Nitzan, "Capital as Power," in The Bichler and Nitzan Archives

Jeri Lynn Cohen & Charlie Varon in FWD: Life Gone Viral at The Marsh 

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In Part Two of an interview with Jonathan Nitzan, the Canadian political economist brings up corporate profit-taking, the sabotage by capitalists of industry, and conflicts over energy. He also contends that the concept of the economy as a distinct, objective category needs to be discarded. Also, Charlie Varon talks about his new show at The Marsh.
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