Mon 4.23.12 | The Sexual Counterrevolution

Nancy L. Cohen, Delirium: How the Sexual Counterrevolution is Polarizing America Counterpoint, 2012





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In the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, much of the political debate in this US is about, strangely enough, contraception. Nancy Cohen situates the present within the history of what she calls the sexual counterrevolution -- the backlash against the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 70s. She suggests that the forces of reaction are trying to achieve what they can before being entirely marginalized by shifting demographics and changed social attitudes.

Wed 4.18.12 | Blaming Other Cultures

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Those strange people's culture is to blame, we're told, when wife-battering or other interpersonal violence occurs in the households of immigrants from certain parts of the world. But does culture determine violent or misogynist behavior? And are non-Western cultures in fact regressive, as they're so often represented to be? Leti Volpp talks about double standards and the perilous politics of culture.
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Tues 4.17.12 | Victor Serge: Conscience of a Revolution

Victor Serge, Memoirs of a Revolutionary NYRB, 2012

International Victor Serge Foundation

Richard Greeman, Beware of Vegetarian Sharks Lulu, 2009






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Victor Serge lived a remarkable life in the cause of revolution.  Translator and biographer Richard Greeman reflects upon the journalist, novelist, and poet's anarchist youth in France with the Bonnot Gang, his involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution, his imprisonment in Stalin's gulag, and his enduring dissident or libertarian Marxism during some of the darkest days of the 20th century. He discusses Serge's belief in the double duty of the revolutionary: to protect the revolution from threats from without, and to defend it from authoritarianism within.

Mon 4.16.12 | The Big Hurt

David Ruccio's blog

David Ruccio, Development and Globalization Routledge, 2010



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He calls the ongoing economic crisis we're in the Second Great Depression. He says the Right is wrong about US corporate taxation. David Ruccio also contends that even mainstream economic logic militates against austerity. Ruccio comments on these and other issues, including the size of the US debt and the nature of the Greek crisis.

Wed 4.11.12 | Education and Inequality

John Marsh, Class Dismissed: Why We Cannot Teach or Learn Our Way Out of Inequality Monthly Review Press, 2011





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It seems logical: if you don't have enough education your economic prospects will be diminished, while those who have a lot are able to succeed in our purportedly knowledge-based economy.  But what if that's only partially accurate? John Marsh posits that economic inequality and poverty are not causally connected to differing levels of education. He argues that we need to reject the appealing notion of education as a cure-all and look deeper at class power and structural inequality.

Tues 4.10.12 | Revolutionaries

Manning Marable, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention Penguin, 2011

Herb Boyd et al., eds., By Any Means Necessary: Malcolm X: Real, Not Reinvented Third World Press, 2012

Tom Stoppard's The Coast of Utopia: Voyage at Shotgun Players

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Last month at Left Forum, Amiri Baraka, Bill Fletcher, Jr., and Haki Madhubuti debated the merits of the late Manning Marable's controversial biography of Malcolm X. And three plays written by Tom Stoppard consider a host of nineteenth-century Russian radicals. Patrick Dooley's Shotgun Players is staging the trilogy's first installment.
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