Wed 1.13.16 | Environmentalism Against Immigrants

John Hultgren, Border Walls Gone Green: Nature and Anti-immigrant Politics in America University of Minnesota Press, 2015





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There's a conscious attempt afoot to convince progressives to support restrictions on immigration to the U.S. in the name of the environment. But, no, it doesn't originate from the right -- but from liberals or even progressives. John Hultgren discusses the history and contemporary politics of environmentalists and immigration restrictionism. He also weighs in on radical environmentalism and eco-communitarianism.

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Tues 1.12.16 | Culture in Revolutionary Cuba

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What happened in Cuba after 1959 wasn't only Fidel Castro's rise and the political maneuverings of a revolutionary government. There was also a fundamental transformation in culture and cultural production. Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt describes how cultural work was harnessed to the project of building a new society.

Mon 1.11.16 | Producing Homelessness

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Around the holidays we hear the entreaty to consider the less fortunate, at least for a moment, including the homeless shivering in the winter months. But what do we miss when we look at the homeless through a moral lens? Craig Willse reflects on whether homelessness is actively produced by neoliberal capitalism. He discusses the sea change in housing deprivation that took place thirty years ago.

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Wed 1.06.16 | A Look Back

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Selected highlights from the past year, including Mitch Monsour on romantic love; Frank Wilderson, III, on Black lives; Maribel Casas-Cortés on precarity; Alex Khasnabish on the middle class; Christopher Newfield on education; and Albena Azmanova on systemic change.

Tues 1.05.16 | Marie Equi

Michael Helquist, Marie Equi: Radical Politics and Outlaw Passions Oregon State University Press, 2015




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Anarchist rabble rouser, maverick woman doctor and abortion provider, political prisoner, and out lesbian at the turn of the 20th century -- Marie Equi was a remarkable figure who has only recently been recovered from the amnesia of history. Historian Michael Helquist discusses the turbulent life and times of a pioneering radical.

Mon 1.04.16 | Whitman on Democracy

John Marsh, In Walt We Trust: How a Queer Socialist Poet Can Save America from Itself Monthly Review Press, 2015





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Democracy today is in a sorry state. Can Walt Whitman help us resuscitate it? John Marsh thinks so; he reveals how the thousands of visits Whitman paid to sick and wounded soldiers in Civil War army hospitals restored the poet's faith in ordinary people's ability to fashion a robust democracy. Marsh also shows how Whitman modeled an ethics of comradeship and affection in his poetry. (Encore presentation.)

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