Tues 10.28.14 | Justice from Justices?

Rob Hunter, “Waiting For SCOTUS” Jacobin

Rob Hunter, “Abolish the States” Jacobin

Full interview with Fred Branfman (1942-2014): Part one and part two

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Many on the Left are fixated on the US Supreme Court -- its conduct, its decisions, the chances it will once again have a left-leaning majority. Rob Hunter finds in liberals' fascination and obsession with SCOTUS a manifestation of their disdain for mass action and confrontational politics.

Mon 10.27.14 | Profiting from Higher Education

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For-profit colleges market themselves to veterans and low-income, often African American, students who ultimately find themselves with little to show for their efforts beyond mountains of debt. Contrary to their image, they are massively subsidized by US taxpayers, while turning a handsome profit to their shareholders.

Mon 9.29.14 through Wed 10.22.14

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Wed 9.24.14 | Climate Change's “Evil Twin”

Washington Sea Grant's ocean acidification page

"Sea Change," a six-part series in The Seattle Times




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Carbon dioxide generated by the burning of fossil fuels is being absorbed into the oceans with already serious -- and potentially catastrophic -- consequences for marine life and human life. Meg Chadsey describes the phenomenon of ocean acidification and the myriad physical and social threats it poses. (Encore presentation.)

Tues 9.23.14 | Ecological Crises: The Long View

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Are we humans preordained to create ecological crises? Environmental geographer Ruth DeFries argues that our past is neither the story of complete catastrophe nor techno-utopia. She traces our relationship with nature throughout human history, positing that it tends to follow the pattern of innovation, crisis creation and circumvention.

Mon 9.22.14 | Day Labor Nightmare

Gretchen Purser, “'Still Doin' Time:' Clamoring for Work in the Day Labor Industry” WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society

Gretchen Purser, “The Labour of Liminality” Labour, Capital and Society

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Formerly incarcerated people, who employers largely shun, are recruited by day labor companies. Do these outfits help ex-inmates get back on their feet, or do they exploit a vulnerable, often down-and-out population? Gretchen Purser immersed herself in the world of precarious, just-in-time day labor.

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