Tues 6.02.15 | Reclaiming Communism

Jodi Dean, The Communist Horizon Verso, 2012

Jodi Dean's blog





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It's a dead idea, or so we're told, now discarded in the dustbin of history. But political theorist and media scholar Jodi Dean believes communism remains a powerful ideological force; she argues that the left should claim the term without apology. Dean also discusses the successes and limitations of Occupy Wall Street, and advocates revamping the party as an organizational form.

Mon 6.01.15 | Radical Italians

Jennifer Guglielmo, Living the Revolution: Italian Women's Resistance and Radicalism in New York City, 1880-1945 U. of North Carolina Press, 2010

Guglielmo and Salerno, eds., Are Italians White? Routledge, 2003

Thomas Guglielmo, White on Arrival Oxford U. Press, 2004

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Many of the Italians who migrated to the US in large numbers at the turn of the twentieth century were drawn to anarchism. Jennifer Guglielmo has studied Italian immigrant political culture with an emphasis on working-class women who espoused anarchism, labor militancy, and a radical, transnational feminism.

Wed 5.27.15 | Probing “The Wire”

Linda Williams, On The Wire Duke U. Press, 2014





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The Wire clearly wasn't your typical police drama. Linda Williams describes the way in which the critically acclaimed television serial about the streets and institutions of Baltimore broke new ground. Among other things, Williams highlights The Wire's institutional focus and argues that the show rewrote what she calls the melodrama of black and white.

Tues 5.26.15 | Celebrating Consumption

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Could spending be virtuous and thrift bad? Left-wing economic and cultural historian James Livingston thinks so. He suggests -- taking on the 19th-century Populists, the Frankfurt School, and current economic orthodoxy along the way -- that consumption is good for social justice and the environment. Livingston argues that, in place of austerity and frugality, investment should be socialized, wages increased, and the workweek shortened.

Mon 5.25.15 | Is Overpopulation the Culprit?

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Too few resources, too many people. That's the received wisdom in most of the environmental movement, mainstream or radical. But can that assumption withstand close scrutiny? Not according to population scholar Betsy Hartmann, who interrogates whether overpopulation is a main -- or the main -- cause of our ecological woes. She also discusses the far Right's courting of liberal environmentalism.

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